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    The Holistic Clinic team of professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of individualized health care, with a particular emphasis on sports and occupational injury management through soft tissue mobilization. We strive to ensure that all treatments are tailored to the needs of each patient and recognize the importance of integrating each patient’s goals for their health into all treatments. Whether treatment requires the skills of a single health care provider, an integrated approach within our clinical team, and/or consultations with outside professionals, our main goal is to achieve a timely resolution of the patient’s health care problems.

    We firmly believe in the importance of community education and involvement as a means to encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyles which assist in the prevention of illness and injury. Finally, through continuing participation in research and professional development, we strive to contribute to the advancement of health care practices.


    The Holistic Clinic has continued to serve the people of Ottawa since its inception in 1978. From the beginning, the Holistic Clinic originators Dr. Barry Norton DC and Dr. Len Faye DC, envisioned a clinic delivering leading edge musculoskeletal care within a multidisciplinary framework. The Holistic Clinic founders were very innovative in the delivery of both nutritional and manual based therapies in their in their drive to improve the care and health of their patients. This founding spirit continues today as the practitioners of the Holistic Clinic continue to innovate and educate themselves in order to achieve leading edge treatment solutions.