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    Chiropractor/ART Instructor/SpiderTech Instructor

    After graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with Clinical Honours as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Glennie became an Active Release Techniques Instructor and a SpiderTech Instructor.

    Dr. Rebecca Glennie

    Dr. Rebecca Glennie studied physiology and kinesiology at the University of Toronto and worked in the field of Cardiac Rehabilitation prior to attending Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She graduated with Clinical Honours as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2001. In 2003, Dr. Glennie became an Active Release Techniques® (ART) Instructor and in 2009 a Certified SpiderTech Instructor. In her practice, Dr. Glennie enjoys working with a wide range of patients including amateur and elite athletes. Her approach in the treatment and management of chronic overuse injuries has made her especially popular amongst swimmers, marathon runners, paddlers and triathaletes.  She also has a special interest in occupational related injuries, the elderly and pre and post natal care since the birth of her two daughters. Dr. Glennie, an internationally experienced competitive swimmer and triathalete, strives to bring a love of fitness and the outdoors to her patients. Using her skills as a practitioner and her compassionate and caring demeanour, Dr. Glennie strives to maximize the overall health of every patient.

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